Eplexity Cloud Training Programs

Cloud technologies have exploded over the past decade and most employees have some weaknesses when i comes to their technical cloud skills. A cloud training program allows you to strengthen those skills, focused on the development of higher level cloud skills and knowledge. We have developed a cloud training program laser focused on AWS and Microsoft Azure technologies.

cloud services

service elements

Compute & Storage

Get trained on the key planning and operational activities when developing cloud services. Our training topics cover planning and sizing of cloud compute & storage.

Big Data & Analytics

Create cloud-agnostic application profiles that define application deployment and management requirements.

Pricing & Budgeting

Make informed decisions about the best execution venue for each application and use case. Understand actual costs before you deploy.


Deploy any application profile to any cloud. The application-defined approach—ensures the right amount of infrastructure resources and cloud services.


Service Overiew

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Service Presentation

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Sample Work Flow

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Sample Configuration

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